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Bhagyanagar Electricals - Infrastructure


We possess a variety of facilities labelled as follows:

Mobile and 2 Oil filtering equipment with a capacity of 1200 LPM at 32 KW Heating load and 2400 LPH at 64 KW heating load for filtering and improving Dielectric strength in accordance with IS 335: 1972

LV Coil winding

HV Coil winding

Spray Painting equipment

In-chamber Drying equipment

Baking equipment

EOT and Hydraulic Material handling equipment

Degassing equipment

Computerized Vendor History Data bank

Computerized Maintenance Management

Oil Test equipment includes:

Dielectric strength

Acidity test

Flash point/ R

Impedance balance

Insulation megger

Earth megger

Radiator leakage

HV kit 0 to 60 Kv

Milli Ohm meter

Ratio meter

Load test bench

The additional facilities are categorized as follows:

Indoor / Outdoor Transformers through 15 KVA to 5 MVA

Step -Voltage Regulators of any capacity

Oil Circuit Breakers up to 32 KV

Vacuum Circuit Breakers up to 32 KV

In addition to customer repairs, we also maintain a large selection of rebuilt units at all times and update our inventory regularly.

We stress that all overhauled transformers carry 6 months warranties & Rewinds, as well as preventive and breakdowns include 1-year warranties.

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